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Analysis of Flexibility Principles in Food Safety in the EU and Consequent Assessment of the Notification Criteria (2004-2017)

Alberto Mancuso, Luca Nicolandi, Laura Cabedo Botella, Filippo Castoldi, Marco Jermini, Andreas Wunsch, Claudio Bompard, Luigi Pisanello

Alberto Mancuso, Expert in International Projects on Food Safety and Veterinary Issues, OPERA, Italy; Luca Nicolandi, Unit Livestock and products hygiene, Public Health Department, ASL TO 4, Piedmont, Italy; Laura Cabedo Botella, Public Health Agency, Health Department, Government of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain; Filippo Castoldi, Food Safety Department, Lombardy Regional Veterinary Service, Italy; Marco Jermini, Department of Health and Social Affairs, Division of Public Health, Cantonal Laboratory, Bellinzona, Canton Ticino, Switzerland; Andreas Wunsch, Veterinary Food Safety Expert - Food Safety, Training & Consultancy, Warsaw, Poland; Claudio Bompard, CEO and Director, OPERA, Italy; Luigi Pisanello, Project Manager, OPERA, Italy.


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