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Analysis of Flexibility Principles in Food Safety in the EU and Consequent Assessment of the Notification Criteria (2004-2017)

Alberto Mancuso, Luca Nicolandi, Laura Cabedo Botella, Filippo Castoldi, Marco Jermini, Andreas Wunsch, Claudio Bompard, Luigi Pisanello
Keywords: Flexibility Principles, Food Safety, EU, Notification Criteria

Alberto Mancuso, Expert in International Projects on Food Safety and Veterinary Issues, OPERA, Italy; Luca Nicolandi, Unit Livestock and products hygiene, Public Health Department, ASL TO 4, Piedmont, Italy; Laura Cabedo Botella, Public Health Agency, Health Department, Government of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain; Filippo Castoldi, Food Safety Department, Lombardy Regional Veterinary Service, Italy; Marco Jermini, Department of Health and Social Affairs, Division of Public Health, Cantonal Laboratory, Bellinzona, Canton Ticino, Switzerland; Andreas Wunsch, Veterinary Food Safety Expert - Food Safety, Training & Consultancy, Warsaw, Poland; Claudio Bompard, CEO and Director, OPERA, Italy; Luigi Pisanello, Project Manager, OPERA, Italy.


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