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Integrated Decision-Tree for the Classification of Food Ingredients with Technological Properties

A Proposal for a EU Regulatory Guide for their Development and use in Food Products

Moisés Chong Sakihara
Keywords: Food Ingredients with Technological Properties, Novel Foods, food additive

Food ingredients with technological properties can fall into different EU legal categories of food substances under determined situations and conditions. This knowledge becomes relevant for food manufacturers by helping them to avoid non-compliances during the use of these substances in their food products. It is also important for companies producing these ingredients by guiding them on visualising a priori the regulatory characteristics of these substances during the development and, finally, for EU policymakers committed to food innovation in terms of reducing the legal uncertainty around the classification of ingredients in the food sector. The current research proposes an integrated decision-tree depicting this classification.

Consultant on Food Regulatory Affairs, Lima, Peru. Many thanks for the article’s improvement to Bernd M. J. van der Meulen, Director of the European Institute for Food Law and Professor of Food Law.


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