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The European Legal Framework on Vegan and Vegetarian Claims

Neli Sochirca
Keywords: vegan food, vegan claims, vegan regulation, vegetarian food, vegetarian claims, vegetarian regulation

The European legal framework on vegan and vegetarian claims is under current revision. The lack of harmonized rules was not a concern initially, probably because of the minor issues this represented among foodstuff. Today, the rise of alternatives to animal-based products generates an increasing legislative gap between vegan or vegetarian foods and other products. Member States have sparsely started to address this in their national rules or practices, while the CJEU positions push vegan and vegetarian claims to the wall. Conjuncture seems to be more favourable than ever for a specific regulation on vegan and vegetarian claims. The recent European Commission’s engagement therefore can only be greeted.

Attorney (avocat) at the Paris Bar, founder of Animalaw.


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