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The Enigmatic Face of Beauty Claims in the European Union

Regulation of Claims Made on Food Supplements on the ‘Beauty from Within’ Context

Ioanna Bousoula

It is without a doubt that advancements in the world of food supplements are inevitably rapid and ever-changing. During the recent years new notions have emerged, usually amalgamating major fields, such as nutrition, pharmaceuticals (medicinal products) and personal care (cosmetics). Nutraceuticals constitute the common ground between nutrition and pharmaceuticals; the merge between pharmaceuticals and personal care gives rise to cosmeceuticals; nutricosmetics have resulted from the integration of nutrition with personal care. At the European Union (EU) level, regulating the newly developed products and formulations originating from any of the above ‘fusions’, not to mention the relevant claims made on concerned products, undeniably comprises an utmost challenge in certain cases, since they may fall within grey zones between food, medicinal and/or cosmetic law. Nutricosmetics or food supplements for beauty are a rising market with millions of consumers using such products on quotidian life around the globe. The author focuses on the EU regulatory framework around claims for beauty from within.

Ioanna Bousoula, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Mibelle Group Biochemistry, Switzerland. For correspondence: <>.


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