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The Electronic Commercialisation of Fresh Foods

Francisco-Ramon Zúñiga

In this brief article we touch upon the different facets in which the current increase in the electronic sale of fresh food is developing. We structured the article in six sequential parts: it will allow us to present an analysis focused on the electronic marketing of fresh premium food. This analysis is based on the premise of an increase in electronic food sales as predicted by current market studies. The forecast of the increase in electronic selling of fresh food will generate different marketing strategies. It will be useful to know what the possible competitive strategies are going to be offered (Defensive Strategy, Offensive Strategy, Flanking Strategy, Guerrilla Marketing ) to understand the different behaviour in the electronic distribution of food and how this different behaviour will condition the factors that will ensure a proper quality of fresh food to their respective potential markets, if they do not want to lose the market shares previously won.

Consultant in Foreign Trade, International Transport and International Logistics. The author collaborated in the edition of the book “La venta de alimentos online – regulación y perspectivas de futuro” which will shortly be published by the “Fundación Triptolemos”. For correspondence <>


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