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Kazakhstan Food Safety: State and Perspective Evaluation

Riza Murabildayeva, Saltanat Kondybayeva, Assel Abylay, Perizat Syrbek

Global crises pose a great danger to the sustainable development of the country. To confront them, the state must secure such conditions under which the country will be able to bear any external negative impact without major losses. One such component is food security, which determined the research relevance for all countries of the world. Within the framework of the study, food security was analysed in the context of Kazakhstan, which was the main objective. The main research methods were analysis, abstraction, and forecasting. Within the framework of the study, the factors that pose risks to food security in Kazakhstan were assessed. In particular, negative effects were shown to be caused by the poorly controlled rise in the price of food products, which remains one of the main difficulties in the country at the moment. It was also noted that problems are observed in terms of environmental friendliness in the agricultural sector and methods of storage and transport of products. Shortages in terms of technological development and the number of trained personnel, as well as insufficient investment in agriculture, remain relevant. However, all of these problems can be solved over time in the case of the formation of a competent policy in the sphere of agriculture and food security in general. This paper brings new knowledge in the context of food security for the country, as well as a better understanding of some features of the functioning of Kazakhstan’s economy. In addition, it will be useful for the future formation of the state policy of the country in this area. Keywords: agricultural sector; public management; sustainable development; social sphere; macroeconomics.

Riza Murabildayeva, Saltanat Kondybayeva, Assel Abylay, and Perizat Syrbek work at the Higher School of Business and Economics, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan. For correspondence:


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