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Guillaume Cousyn, Stefania Dalfrà, Bruno Scarpa, Joris Geelen, Robert Anton, Mauro Serafini, Luc Delmulle

Harmonizing the Use of Plants in Food Supplements in the European Union: Belgium, France and Italy – A first Step

European legislation for food supplements with botanicals is not harmonized and not adapted to meet the particular challenges of these heterogeneous ingredients. Faced with this situation, the Belgian, French and Italian authorities, each assisted by a renowned scientific expert, have decided to develop a common approach for the evaluation of botanicals in the ‘BELFRIT’ project. A first step in this initiative is the compilation of a list of plants whose use in food supplements could be possible, provided that the necessary measures to ensure consumer safety are respected. It provides a precise identification of the plants, indicates some key points in the production to be controlled, while also taking traditional knowledge into account. This harmonized list can be a pragmatic tool for risk managers and operators and an important piece of the puzzle for harmonization of this field. Nevertheless, it is not a legally binding instrument and cannot be opposed to legal provisions, including those of the Member States involved in the project.


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