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The Codex Alimentarius Standards Decision-making: Some Critical Remarks on an Ongoing Discussion

Karolina Pruchniewicz and Tomasz Srogosz

The emergence of the global idea of food standards has contributed to the transfer of competences of countries to the international community. This was directly related to the fact that in the 20th century agricultural products became an important element of global trade. The issues of consumer health protection being the subject of standards have become a determinant of the worldwide and European Union food quality. The article discusses the role and legal importance of standards in the international space, as well as the way decisions are made and the concerns about them. There is a thorough legal analysis of the standards as well as Codex Alimentarius structure and function and members and observers of the Codex Alimentarius. The decision-making process is questionable in the opinion of the authors, directly indicating the domination of political and corporate interests at the expense of food quality, which affects the health and life of consumers. The article indicates the need to reform the current form of functioning of the institution in question.


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