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Volume 10 (2015), Issue 1

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Leonie Evans

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Fighting Food Fraud

Horsemeat Scandal; Use of Recalls in Enforcement throughout the EU

Sofie van der Meulen, Gilles Boin, Ioanna Bousoula, Nicola Conte-Salinas, Valeria Paganizza, Francesco Montanari, Vicente Rodriguez Fuentes, Bernd van der Meulen

Page 2 - 13

New EU Labeling Law: Omission of Food Additives and Enzymes from the List of Ingredients under Regulation (EC) No. 1169/2011

Sonja Schulz

Page 14 - 19

Food Loss and Waste in the European Union

Luis González Vaqué

Page 20 - 33

A Thin Line between the Rationalization of Consumer Choices and Overburdening Market Participants. Are the Courts Able to Keep the Balance?

Christian Böhler

Page 34 - 39


New Law in the EU

Page 40 - 41



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