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The Impact of Social Networks on the Eating Habits of Adolescents

Reyes Artacho Martín-Lagos, M. Jesús Carrasco-Santos, Julio César Cisneros de Britto, Ramon Clotet Ballús, Yvonne Colomer Xena, Giuseppe Fregapane Quadri, Belen García-Villanova Ruiz, Nuria García-Agua Soler, María del Puig Gisbert, Eduardo Guerra Hernandez, Sara Malo Cerrato, Iñigo Marauri Castillo, Gala Martín-Pozuelo Del Pozo, Antonio Mateos Giménez, Fernando Móner, Mireia Montaña Blasco, M. Jesús Periago Castón, Marta Puig Sabanès, Celia Rodriguez Perez, María Dolores Ruiz López, Amparo Salvador Moya, Vito Verardo, Luis González Vaqué

The article aims to analyse the impact of social networks on the eating habits of adolescents in a first stage in a qualitative way. To this end, 3 working groups based on telematic meetings have been created to analyse the issue from different perspectives. The dossier describes the situation of the problem in Spain and the efforts being made at different levels. The diagnosis is extends to other countries. It is proposed to continue the study in a quantitative way based on WHO statistics on adolescents, evaluating 3 different European geographical settings - the Nordic countries, Mediterranean countries and Central European countries.

Reyes Artacho Martín-Lagos, University of Granada; M. Jesús Carrasco-Santos, University of Málaga; Julio César Cisneros de Britto, University of Castilla-La Mancha; Ramon Clotet Ballús, Institute of Food Technologists; Yvonne Colomer Xena, Triptolemos Foundation; Giuseppe Fregapane Quadri, University of Castilla-La Mancha; Belen García-Villanova Ruiz, University of Granada; Nuria García-Agua Soler, University of Málaga; María del Puig Gisbert, University of Granada); Sara Malo Cerrato, University of Girona); Iñigo Marauri Castillo, University of the Basque Country; Gala Martín-Pozuelo Del Pozo, University of Murcia; Antonio Mateos Giménez, University of Castilla-La Mancha; Esther Molina Montes, University of Granada); Fernando Móner, CECU; Mireia Montaña Blasco, Open University of Catalonia; M. Jesús Periago Castón, University of Murcia; Marta Puig Sabanès, Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia; Celia Rodriguez Perez, University of Granada; María Dolores Ruiz López, University of Granada; Amparo Salvador Moya, University of Castilla-La Mancha; Vito Verardo, University of Granada. This article was configured and annotated by Luis González Vaqué, International Commission on Anthropology of Food and Nutrition.


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