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Jahrgang 14 (2019), Ausgabe 3

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Maria Kietz

Seite 229 - 230


A Comparative Legal Analysis of Labelling Requirements in the EU and US for Restructured and Mechanically Tenderised Beef

Nathan Meijer, Yannick Weesepoel, Rob de Jonge, Bernd van der Meulen, Leo van Raamsdonk, Saskia van Ruth

Seite 231 - 242

VCI-Guide for Good Hygiene Practices in Food Additives Manufacture

Bernd Haber, Matthias Rheinheimer, Dietmar Richter, Ulrike Zimmer

Seite 243 - 247

Issues in EU Regulation of GMOs

Legal Uncertainties in Plant Breeding Techniques

Artem Anyshchenko

Seite 248 - 256

The Enactment of the e-Commerce Law in China and its Impact on Food e-Commerce

Pinghui Xiao, Xiaoman Liu

Seite 257 - 260

Balancing Agro-Fuels and Food Security on the Tightrope Towards Sustainability

Eden Tafesework Geletu, Margherita Paola Poto

Seite 261 - 268


New Law in the EU

Seite 269 - 271



Seite 272

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