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Volume 10 (2015), Issue 2

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Leonie Evans

Page 83

Case Reports


New Law in the EU

Page 125 - 126



Page 127 - 128


Featured Report ∙ Coffeinum nostrum cotidianum da nobis hodie

Andreas Kadi

Page 129 - 134

Czech Republic ∙ Illegal Use of Unauthorized Health Claims Stating Reduced Risk of Contracting a Disease

Jan Vavrečka, Nicole Grmelová

Page 135 - 136

France ∙ Clarifications on the Notification Procedure for Placing Food Supplements on the French Market

Emily Amat, Lise Rihouey-Robini

Page 137

France ∙ Bisphenol A in January 2015: French prohibition and EFSA study

Emily Amat, Lise Rihouey-Robini

Page 138

Italy ∙ ‘Healthy Waters’: The National Antitrust Authority Reasserts the Boundaries of the Endorsement by Medical Associations in Product Advertising

Francesco Montanari, Cesare Varallo

Page 139 - 140

National Measures on Allergen Labelling for Non-Prepacked FoodBelgium ∙ Declaration of Allergens for Non-Prepacked Foods in Belgium

Aude Mahy, Charline Van Hoeck

Page 141 - 143

Bulgaria ∙ Allergen Labelling of Non-Prepacked (Loose) Food

Elena Todorova

Page 144

Denmark ∙ National Measure for Non-Prepacked Food in Denmark

Tanja Buch-Weeke

Page 145 - 146

France ∙ National Measure for Non-Prepacked Food in France

Emily Amat, Lise Rihouey-Robini

Page 147 - 148

Germany ∙ Allergen Labelling for Non-Prepacked Food in Germany

Tobias Teufer, Moritz Hagenmeyer

Page 149 - 151

Italy ∙ The Italian Ministry of Health Clarifies the Means Through Which Information About Allergens in Non-Prepacked Food Supplied by Mass Caterers Shall Be Provided to Consumers

Barbara Klaus

Page 152 - 153

The Netherlands ∙ Country Report on National Measures for Non-Prepackaged Food

Ebba Hoogenraad, Bram Duivenvoorde

Page 154

Norway ∙ National Measure for Non-Prepacked Food in Norway

Marie Vaale-Hallberg

Page 155

Romania ∙ Proposed National Measures for Non-Prepacked Foods

Ioana Ratescu

Page 156 - 157

United Kingdom ∙ National Measures for Non-Prepacked Food

Hilary Ross

Page 158 - 159

USA ∙ Food Labels and Labeling in the United States

Margaret Rosso Grossman

Page 160 - 163

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